Our values


Abortion represents a woman’s right to control what happens to her body. In Canarica, we believe that access to abortion should be legal, easy and safe in all 50 states. Before abortion became legal in the United States, back-alley abortions and abortions in unsafe, non-sterile environments were more common than they are today. We want for women of any age or class to have access to a safe abortion. Ideally, if the patient is younger than 18, the parents would be involved, but we understand that there are some cases when that is not possible.

The Death Penalty

In the Canarica party we believe that the death penalty should be abolished in all 50 states. It is illegal to murder someone, why should the government stoop to the killers’ level? Just as murder is illegal for private citizens, we would make it illegal for any of the 50 states to use the death penalty. We know that not every defendant gets a fair hearing, and it’s better to spare every life than to waste any innocent lives.


Lynn Richert and Terra O’Neil were legally married in St. Cloud in September 2013.

Same-Sex Marriage

Marriage is one of the biggest steps in a relationship. If a man and a woman can get married to each other, then so should two men or two women. Still, in many countries, same-sex couples still can’t get married, or even be together. In Canarica, we do not believe that gender should be a legal barrier and interfere with someone’s relationship in any way. We will work until any consenting adult in the United States can marry the person they love.


Many people believe that Euthanasia is cruel and makes people suffer. However, the quality of life would be improved because people would feel more stable knowing that their loved ones won’t need to suffer. The fear of having to live in such a terrible condition would go away because people would have a way to die peacefully, but still be able to solve things with their loved ones.


Even they realize how important it is to save the ozone layer.

Global Climate change

Every year, the polar ice caps melt more and more from global warming. Things have been done,  though.  Our use of electricity has decreased. We have slept slightly reduced the amount of greenhouse gases we
release.  But we in Canarica believe that there is more that can be done.


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